Are there any risks of overdose with CBD?

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CBD or cannabidiol has been a trendy molecule in recent years and has been known since antiquity to cure several human ailments. This cannabis extract, like THC, can often be scary and raise many questions. Is consuming CBD in high doses safe? Deli Hemp tells you more.

What is CBD?

Before addressing the question of the risks associated with too high a cbd dosage, it is important to clarify what it is. CBD is a molecule contained in cannabis that has multiple benefits.

CBD has an identical synthesis to THC, except for the last step which is not catalyzed by the same enzyme. Despite this similarity, THC and CBD are by no means subject to the same legislation. Indeed, the sale of CBD is completely legal in France while the sale and use of THC is illegal. Another point of difference, CBD has many health benefits while THC presents a toxic health risk.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD is a molecule widely used today to relieve many pathologies. Even the pharmaceutical industry uses cannabidiol to manufacture many drugs, there are also drugs such as cannador or Sativex.

Among the many benefits of CBD is the relief of inflammation, the intensity of which it reduces thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. But also the decrease in pain that it eliminates thanks to its analgesic effects, and the role of potentiator that it plays on the action of many analgesics.

If you are an anxious person, CBD can also be a very good natural alternative compared to anti-anxiolytics which can have side effects on your health.

You have understood it well, whether it is to calm everyday ailments or simply to get back to sleep, the use of CBD will bring you many benefits. Recent research has also noticed that it would even deactivate the genes involved in the propagation of tumor cells, and cause their destruction by apoptosis.

Is excessive use of CBD dangerous?

Even though CBD comes from the same plant as THC, it is in no way a drug and looks nothing like its cousin. Indeed, according to the WHO, CBD does not present any danger to health, even if you decide to consume large doses. It is neither psychoactive nor does it interfere with brain function in any way.

This is also the main reason why it is not subject to any control in all countries around the world. On the contrary, the number 1 health structure on a global scale specifies the usefulness of the molecule in the treatment of many disorders. According to the WHO, the consumption of high doses of CBD would therefore not be harmful to health.

The WHO is not the only scientific institution that has been interested in CBD, CDS has also conducted numerous studies on the impact of different doses of CBD on the body. The conclusion ? The minimum CBD overdose dose is 1500 mg, a level that cannot be objectively achieved.

What are you exposed to in the event of a CBD overdose?

To sum up, it is almost impossible for a user to reach the amounts of CBD that correspond to an overdose. And even if this situation were to arise, the consequences on health are only very minimal, benign, negligible, which is not the case with THC, for example. According to numerous studies that all lead to the same results, it can occur in case of overdose with CBD, drowsiness or diarrhea. We don’t expose ourselves to much.

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