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Back-to-school essentials cbdoils

Now more than a year that cbdoils offers you a ever more varied and qualitative range of CBD-based products. There is something for everyone: flower consumers, the curious as well as novices, CBD lovers, former THC consumers, well-being enthusiasts, sportsmen and so on…

Today, many of you are loyal to cbdoils, and we make sure that you are always satisfied with the products that DH offers.

Focus on the must-have back-to-school products.


E-liquidsavailable in 4 flavors and 2 percentages, are the new kids of the season.

A delight for vape fans, who can find the essential flavor OG KUSHone of the most famous varieties in the world, crossed between the Kush variety (Indica from Pakistan) and Lemon Thaï (Sativa from Thailand) famous for its intense flavors of Indian spices, woody with a delicious aftertaste of bark of oranges for a soft and refined bitterness.

Vapers will also be able to savor various flavors such as Cherry Pieinspired by the variety Californian. It will offer a nice taste with pine flavors of San Francisco mixed with notes sweet cherriesin order to find sweet feelings.

The essential Amnesia, we no longer present this timeless variety which offers itself a strong sativa-dominant with aromas powerful, lemony, sweet fruits, exotic woods and terpenes. An exquisite vaping, which has seduced a large number of CBD consumers.

Sweet and fruity journey with e-liquid Lemon Haze, a small nugget of tangy aromas. Indeed, from two exceptional varieties, the Amnesia and Lemon Skunk, this marriage offers real taste and sensory experience to lovers of vaping and CBD.


We don’t want our customers to get bored, that’s why cbdoils has decided to offer a exceptional variety each month. This month find the Purple Haze, the Strawberry and the White Widow, 3 very different flowers in terms of aromas and effects. The Purple Haze Hybrid is now part of best sellers of the month. It must be said that at first sight its appearance is extremely attractive and offers atypical aromas. A very flower resinouswith subtle touches tropical and one 7% CBD rate.

The other little news, the Strawberry, a variety much appreciated for its sweetness. It is eaten like a small wild strawberry, and will allow you to let go and enjoy a real moment of relaxation. In infusion, or in vaporization, it is the little touch of sweetness of the day for many of you.


the Amnesia Hash is a pretty resin straight from the Moroccan Atlas. In the mouth, the aromas are very close to its little sister Amnesia, with menthol and lemony flavors. One hashish predominantly sativa which will help relieve the chronic pain, or any symptoms and pain due to anxiety. Ideal for fighting sleep disorders, it will allow you to have a better night’s sleep.

Our second arrival is the star resin of the California. Called Gorilla Hash, this is THE variety of hash of the moment. Ideal for a first experience with CBD, with its rate at 16%, she delivers a very intoxicating aroma to taste at the end of the day to release all the pressure you may have suffered at work, or even at home 😉

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