CBD cosmetics: Your skin’s new allies.

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CBD is the new anti-stress, painkiller and anti-inflammatory molecule, often used for therapeutic or medical purposes, it very quickly became the new well-being ally. Herbal teas, oils, resins CBD is now found in a very large number of derivative products. More recently, it has appeared in the cosmetics world, but then why make CBD a new ally for your skin?

What are the benefits of CBD on the skin?

In order to better understand the use of CBD in the field of cosmetics, it is essential to know the benefits on your skin. Even if today CBD is a very fashionable molecule, the appearance of the latter in cosmetics is not a coincidence or a simple fashion effect, but indeed a real revolution for your skin.

Anti-inflammatory virtues.

On a daily basis, our skin suffers attacks and inflammations due to UV rays, pollution, smoking, or even a skin disease. These inflammations are characterized by the appearance of pimples, redness, itching. In addition to making your daily life difficult, these inflammations are often unpleasant and difficult to fight. The advantage of CBD in cosmetics such as cream, miracle night oil or exfoliating cleanser is its natural anti-inflammatory action which helps relieve irritation, reduce redness, deflate the skin and especially dark circles.

Anti-aging virtues.

Among the many virtues of CBD, research has shown that CBD is a natural collagen booster. Due to its anti-aging properties, CBD will leave your skin soft and tight, like a lifting effect that will give your skin a youthful look. Our CBD cream, for example, will act on your wrinkles, dark circles and all the signs of aging that appear over time. You can therefore use it in prevention to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. But also to reduce the marks already present.

Antioxidant virtues.

Another advantage of CBD in cosmetics is its antioxidant properties which are essential for blood circulation and fat oxidation. Here again, the CBD in our miracle night cream or oil will help reduce the signs of aging, but also stress, fatigue, and smoking.

How can CBD take care of your skin?

Now that you know the many benefits of CBD in cosmetics, cbdoils tells you more about how to use CBD on your skin. Obviously all skin types are different and each skin has a very specific need. At cbdoils we offer you a wide range of CBD cosmetic products to reduce pimples and blackheads, fight skin diseases, fight cellulite, fade dark circles, accelerate the healing process and slow down skin aging.

Reduce pimples and blackheads.

CBD is an ally in reducing your skin imperfections such as pimples and blackheads. Our exfoliating cleanser, for example, is a very good product for regulating excess sebum or even reducing clogged pores. While our face cream soothes inflammation, eliminates small pimples, and improves the general quality of your skin. The advantage of our CBD cosmetics is that they can suit all skin types, even the most sensitive. Composed of 99% ingredients from natural agriculture, CBD-based cosmetic products can replace chemical and aggressive creams. After several weeks, you will notice that your skin will be noticeably healthier, with far fewer blemishes than before.

Fight against eczema and psoriasis.

Skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema can be relieved by CBD-based cosmetics. Indeed, according to the latest scientific studies, it would seem that CBD is relatively effective in reducing the inflammation caused by these skin diseases. Indeed, CBD would regulate the activation of mast cells, which would aim to reduce the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. In this way, CBD has a complete action on these dermatological disorders, since it helps relieve itching, fade redness, and fight against the development of new inflammatory cells under the skin.

Accelerate the healing process.

Whether it’s acne scars, CBD is recognized for its healing benefits of epidermal tissue. Due to its analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD participates in the healing process of your skin. It is in particular thanks to its beneficial action on the endocannabinoid system that CBD regulates and optimizes the healing process. By applying the CBD-based essential cream or oil to your skin, the cannabinoids will act directly on the CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the dermis and epidermis, which quite simply contributes to their proper functioning. At first, CBD will soothe pain and inflammation. Secondly, it accelerates the healing process and allows your skin to regenerate as quickly as possible.

How to use CBD to take care of your face?

In local application.

In order to take advantage of the many benefits of CBD on your skin, cbdoils advises you to apply our cream, or oil locally, to the area to be treated. The local application of a CBD-based cosmetic product is the most effective solution to maximize its benefits. In fact, cannabinoids do not pass through the bloodstream, but directly through the different layers of the skin. You can discover our selection of CBD-based cosmetic products on our website and in our cbdoils stores.

Which CBD cosmetic product to buy to start with?

You can start with our 1% CBD Cleansing Scrub, then our 5% CBD Essential Cream, and finally our 15% CBD Miracle Night Oil. By choosing these 3 products, you will be able to set up your CBD beauty routine! Don’t hesitate to ask our online after-sales service and our store ambassadors for advice.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction on the skin?

At cbdoils our CBD cosmetic products are tested and approved as 99% natural and French in origin. It is therefore unlikely that you will have an allergic reaction to our CBD cosmetic range. If in doubt, test on a small area of ​​your skin. And above all, read the composition of the cosmetic products you buy. Often, it is other components than CBD that cause an adverse reaction.

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