CBN, the miraculous molecule.

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CBN, the miraculous molecule.

What is CBN?

CBN is one of components present in the cannabis flower. It means cannabinol, one of many cannabinoids non-psychoactive found in cannabis. It is a product much less popular and more complex to extract than its more famous “cousins” such as the THC and CBD.

The longer the hemp plant is stored after harvest, the higher the concentration of CBN is high. This is why cannabis flowers that have been stored for a long time will have concentrations of CBN higher than fresh flowers. Therefore the CBD is therefore found in the cannabis plant in very small quantities when it is growing.

However, as the plant ages, the amount of CBN increases. CBN is part of THC and develops when the THC is heated and exposed to oxygen. It is the end product of the decomposition of THC. Le CBN has the ability to modulate the psychotropic effect of THC. But above all, his therapeutic power has aroused great interest in the international scientific community for its qualities medicinalwhere it was discovered that it can be a great natural sedative thanks to the effects it produces.

the CBN is a molecule that can be very effective and can help improve the lives of many people.

You will find above a list of the properties of the CBN :

Analgesic, very effective in relieving certain types of pain. Stimulates the appetite, which can be useful for people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from anorexia.

Reduces intraocular pressure, ideal for people suffering from glaucoma.

Improves the skin when used topically in cases such as MRSA or psoriasis.

Calmingvery effective in treating nerves, anxiety or stress.

Helps regenerate bone tissue by stimulating the formation of stem cells in the bone marrow.

Anti-inflammatory, very useful in conjunction with CBD in case of burns.

Anticonvulsant, effective in cases of epilepsy or other illnesses.

Anti-insomnia: continues to be valued primarily as a powerful sleep aid.

CBD Oil has decided to offer you syringes Wax CBD which are purged at high temperatures into an open container so that the solvents it contains evaporate. This concentrate of Wax is Full Spectrum, it contains all the cannabinoids. Of which the CBN is present with a rate of 5.5%.

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