from boxing to the marijuana business

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From bankruptcy to billing more than $500,000 a month

After declaring bankruptcy a few years ago, Mike Tyson can now say with satisfaction that at least $500,000 a month goes into his bank account through the sale of the different products offered by the Tyson Ranch. Demonstrating not only the personal success of the dynamite boy’s business acumen, but also the opportunities offered by a barely burgeoning cannabis market.

In this sense, Mike has shown a total openness to giving his knowledge to the community, not only through his famous weekly podcast, but also through training courses. training in advanced self-cultivation techniques. All with the possibility that interested users acquire the necessary inputs to start their own business in one of the grocery stores available within the ranch.

But there is still more, since Mike Tyson is not content with just the green numbers in his bank account. Likewise, the former world heavyweight champion has been in favor of financing various investigations that seek to explore the benefits of medical cannabis with the aim of favoring patients suffering from certain serious pathologies resistant to traditional treatments.

Mike Tyson’s second chance

The life of mike tyson It could well be a script for a movie, which sooner or later we will end up seeing on one of the new digital platforms: if the youngest boxer in history to be crowned heavyweight champion to jail on a rape charge. From being one of the richest athletes in the world, to having to declare bankruptcy. From making a living behind the ring, to surviving as a low-budget comedian. And after all that, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and become one of the most successful businessmen of the moment through the marijuana business.

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