Hemp, a food of the future

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Hemp, a food of the future

Hemp has long been a forgotten plant, today it turns out to be one of the trendiest plants on the market. But beyond a simple fad, it could establish itself as the new superfood on our daily plates.

The benefits of hemp on our plate:

It is one of the richest foods in vegetable fibers, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Extraordinary properties and a flavor that is quite unique and pleasant to cook. It can be eaten in different ways: You can actually eat hemp seeds directly, or season it with edible hemp heart oil, excellent in salads for example and full of virtues.

The incredible virtues of hemp seeds:

Hemp seeds are at the top of the list of ‘Superfood’ foods. These pretty little seeds are extremely rich in omega 3 and omega 6. They are as effective as chia seeds, goji berries or other super foods that are on the rise in our shops thanks to their exceptional nutritional values. They will be very popular with athletes and vegans, for example, who wish to follow a strict & healthy diet.

Hemp oil, the miracle seasoning for your salads:

Hemp oil comes from hemp seeds and we find the same properties essential to a balanced diet: Omega 3 & omega 6, essential fatty acids for our body. These vitamins are very present in the oil, and can prevent cardiovascular problems. An oil that is eaten raw, ideally as a seasoning for your salads in order to best preserve all its vitamins A, B and E. In terms of taste, it is just as pleasant as olive oil and is very easy to marry with raw vegetables. It will have a slight taste of very sweet hazelnuts in the mouth.

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