How to relieve panic attacks and anxiety attacks with CBD?

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With daily stress more and more people suffer from anxiety attacks or panic attacks. According to the WHO more than 260 million people worldwide suffer from anxiety. This new evil of the century is characterized by a feeling of insecurity which, over time, becomes chronic. cbdoils tells you how CBD can help you relieve everyday anxiety.

Why choose CBD for anxiety relief?

First of all, it is important to remember that CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in hemp (like THC) with the difference that it does not provide any psychoactive effect. If you are therefore a person suffering from anxiety, you can choose CBD as a therapeutic alternative without having any side effects. Unlike THC, this could accentuate anxiety attacks.

Indeed, CBD plays the role of regulator of serotonin production and of dopamine in the brain, to put it simply, CBD therefore promotes pleasure and good humor in order to reduce stress and anxiety. By choosing CBD as a therapeutic alternative, many people suffering from anxiety have finally been able to find peace and inner serenity on a daily basis. Used in reasonable doses, CBD helps to relieve oxidative stress.

What does the research say about treating anxiety with CBD?

In the years 2011, numerous studies carried out at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil demonstrated the positive effects of CBD on the limbic and paralimbic parts of the brain. Scientists have tested CBD on several people with anxiety. The first group received CBD while the other group received a placebo. Only participants who took CBD noticed a real decrease in anxiety. In 2015 in New York, a new scientific study was carried out to prove the therapeutic potential of CBD on anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety, social anxiety and panic attacks. The bottom line is simple: CBD has many quick-acting and long-lasting positive effects for anxiety.

How to take CBD to relieve panic attacks?

At what frequency ?

When looking at conventional treatments, CBD does not need to be consumed daily to be effective. The advantage of CBD is that it can be taken on an ad hoc basis when anxiety attacks are felt. For people who suffer from generalized anxiety, taking CBD as a cure may also be a very good alternative. This is to measure what type of anxiety and what is the intensity of your crises. This is about dosing how much CBD do you need.

At what dosage?

As for the dosage, you can find the % that suits you best depending on how you feel and the intensity of your anxiety. At cbdoils we advise you to start with a lower dosage and increase the dose little by little. Starting with a small amount and low level of CBD is still the best way to achieve optimal soothing effects.

In which form to choose your CBD?

In general, people with anxiety need quick relief, which is one of the reasons why they favor CBD oil. Indeed CBD oil allows a precise dosage in particular thanks to the pipette which allows to pour a few drops under the tongue. With CBD oil you will be able to feel the relaxing effects after a few minutes and enjoy the effects for several hours. Vaping is also a great way to consume CBD if you prefer inhaling. And finally, you can make CBD-based herbal teas. The most important thing is to find a form of CBD that works best for you.

Can CBD cause anxiety?

Many people have unfounded beliefs about CBD and think that CBD can cause anxiety, THC can cause anxiety attacks unlike CBD. But rest assured, cbdoils offers you CBD products that are completely THC-free, since they meet European standards.

Can CBD relieve anxiety?

No, CBD does not cure any disease. On the other hand, it relieves, it helps, and it accompanies the sick towards a gentle and natural healing process. CBD is not a medicine, but it can significantly improve your daily life by reducing many symptoms of anxiety.

You can find a wide range of CBD products at cbdoils. If you are looking for quality CBD oils or CBD flowers or herbal teas, do not hesitate to ask our online chat or our in-store sales associates.

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