How to store your CBD?

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Like all products of natural origin, CBD products can oxidize over time. Thus the concentration of CBD can decrease and the molecules become denatured, so you risk not benefiting from all the benefits of CBD. cbdoils gives you an update on the conservation of CBD oils or even CBD flowers.

What changes the CBD level?

Have you bought a CBD oil and you feel that it is less and less effective in relieving your pain or stress? That the flowers have become completely dry and have lost their effectiveness? It is very likely that your products have not been stored in optimal conditions in order to preserve the cannabinoids.

A 2019 study revealed that cannabis, like all organic matter, is transformed under the influence of environmental factors. Scientists have thus observed the evolution of hemp samples stored according to 4 modes of preservation: in light and at room temperature, in the dark and at room temperature, in cool and dark, in a freezer. and in the dark. Through this process they regularly monitor the evolution of the THC, CBN and CBD levels of these samples.

The result of the experiment shows us that cannabis stored in light and at room temperature had lost all of the cannabinoids. In contrast, protecting hemp from light exposure helps slow the loss of CBD benefits.

Exposure to light as well as heat accelerates the transformation of CBD and therefore alters the qualities of cannabis. In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD for longer, you must know how to store it properly. cbdoils gives you some tips on how to effectively store your CBD oil or flowers.

How to store CBD oil?

At cbdoils our CBD oil is delivered in a sturdy, tinted glass bottle to ensure optimal storage. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep your CBD oil in a dark place and away from all sources of heat. Our CBD oil stored in optimal conditions can then offer you many benefits for more than a year! Choosing a dark and cool place to store your bottle of CBD oil can indeed limit the degradation of cannabinoids.

How to store CBD flowers?

Like CBD oil, CBD flower will surely lose quality if you decide to store it at room temperature and in light. It is therefore best to store your CBD flowers in a cool, dark place to preserve its cannabinoid levels. At cbdoils we take care to add a Boveda sachet to our boxes of CBD flowers to guarantee maximum preservation. Indeed, CBD flowers are extremely sensitive to humidity, which can lead to degradation and mold and therefore lose all the benefits. We therefore recommend that you leave your CBD flowers in their box with their Boveda fresh sachets. By following these few simple instructions to put in place, you will be able to enjoy your cbdoils CBD products for a long time.

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