Is it possible to drive after consuming CBD?

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Today there is no legal text which stipulates the prohibition of the consumption of CBD before taking the car. CBD Oil warns you against the relaxing effects of CBD which can however make you less vigilant and therefore become a source of danger.

Consuming CBD while driving, what does the law say?

Since November 2020, the sale and consumption of CBD is authorized from then on. that the THC content of the product does not exceed 0.2%. Even if CBD is legal today, if you are stopped at the wheel of your car for a police check, it is indeed THC that could be the problem for you. Indeed with a positive saliva test you can incur the withdrawal of 6 points on the driving license but also up to 4,500 euros fine and two years of imprisonment.

In order not to take any risks, it is preferable for you to choose a CBD that does not contain no trace of THC. To do this, you simply have to choose a quality CBD product, with a controlled origin to be absolutely certain that the THC level mentioned is in force with European standards. Today it is possible to check the amount of cannabinoids ingested via CBD oil unlike CBD flowers, where the amounts of active molecules inhaled are less traceable. To summarize but also from a legal point of view, nothing prevents you from consuming CBD just before driving. Despite everything CBD Oil warns you that in the event of a police check, the tiny presence of THC could pose a problem sufficient to put you out of the law. Let’s not forget that you have to wait 6 hours to eliminate the THC from the body.

What effects of CBD on driving?

Even though the consumption of CBD is authorized today, the CBD Oil team advises you to be careful while driving. First of all, it is better to know the reactions of your body with CBD. Indeed the action of CBD is specific to everyone’s metabolism.

Indeed in some people, a small dose of CBD will have a very significant impact but for other people, there will be little effect. Also let’s not forget that some people can have annoying side effects after taking CBD products: drowsiness, dizziness following a drop in blood pressure, feeling sick, etc. If you are still new to taking CBD, CBD Oil advises you to start with low dosages and see the effects on your body.

Even if you are a CBD connoisseur and fully understand its effects on your body, CBD Oil does not advise you to drive after consuming CBD.

Among the many benefits of CBD, we can find soothing and relaxing virtues. Even if this feeling can seem so pleasant to you when you are behind the wheel, it is better to be vigilant and to be in full capacity of your means. By consuming CBD you therefore increase the risk of accidents on the road due to your inattention.

Indeed, consuming CBD in high doses could lead to significant muscle relaxation. So be careful to always be vigilant while driving, we also advise against driving immediately after consuming CBD. Moreover, depending on the mode of consumption of the CBD, whether oral or inhalation, count between 2 and 6 hours for the effects of the cannabinoids to fade. Today CBD is certainly harmless to health but can lower your vigilance on the road and therefore cause many accidents.

CBD Oil advises you to consume CBD only when you are in moments of relaxation and leisure without having to drive right after. This way you will avoid endangering people on the road or quite simply putting yourself in danger.

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