Meet CBC, the molecule 10 times more effective than CBD against depression

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Meet CBC, the molecule 10 times more effective than CBD against depression.

Focus on Cannabichromene, a molecule present in the plant of cannabis less popular than CBD but just as virtuous. That very few researchers have interested to CBCbut the little research has proven that it presents a large number of benefits for the human organism.

The CBC, with the THCthe CBD and the CBN (cf: article on the CBN to find here) is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa flower. It will especially thrive in a dried flower. CBC, more present in American flowers, for recreational use is not considered a psychotropic substance by international conventions.

The molecule CBC mainly acts on receivers are related to pain. After several tests on mice, we note that the dosage of CBC is less than the CBD dosage but more effective. the CBC is rarer than CBD, and more complicated to extract, but it actually turns out 10 times more effective on depression syndromes than CBD.

Boost your anandamide and your good mood, thanks to CBC, which turns out to be the most effective molecule against depression in all the cannabinoids present in the cannabis flower. If you want to integrate the CBC to your wellness routine you can try our wax syringe which contains extractions from many cabinnoides including 3.3% of cannabichromene.

The syringe tool to inject it directly into food or your infusion. Or, more commonly consumed in a dab, or in your PAX device in order to take advantage of all the benefits of the extraction and these aromas in the best way.

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