New study on CBD and bladder cancer in dogs

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This research is carried out with a double purpose: on the one hand, experimenting in a safe way how to treat bladder cancer in dogs with CBD, a fairly common pathology in dogs older than 10 years. While, on the other, it seeks to open a path for possible subsequent studies on the anticancer potential of CBD in mammalsincluding humans.

The use of CBD for dogs

We can already find on the market various CBD products for pets. Both CBD Oil and Cannabidiol-rich dog foods have been shown to be effective in resolving anxiety problems or chronic pain in dogs and cats. It is also effective in reducing the intensity and frequency of seizures in animals with epilepsy. Even so, at present, there is surprisingly no cannabis-based medication for use by pets. And most worryingly, a few months ago the sale of CBD Oil for pets was banned, despite the fact that thousands of users were successfully treating their pets.

Therefore, the study to be carried out by the University of Guelph on the use of CBD for the treatment of bladder cancer in companion dogs may be an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of CBD, also in our pets.

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