Sign the petition against the ban on the sale of CBD flowers in France.

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France has just taken another 3 steps backwards regarding the sale of CBD in the territory. In a decree published in the official journal of December 31, 2021, we learn of the ban on the sale and possession of CBD flowers.

Scientists and doctors only recognize the virtues and benefits of hemp. Cannabidiol suffers from a bad image due to its origin, since it is derived from cannabis. However, it is not a psychotropic or recreational substance: it is for this reason that it is used in medicine and authorized for sale in several forms (oil, cosmetics, food, drugs, vape… ). It is essential to differentiate it from THC, which is the active and recreational substance of the plant. Prohibiting the sale of flowers means leaving a market to street dealers, generating traffic, public health problems and violence.

We call on the French government, through the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, and our members of the National Assembly, to revise this ban. All CBD brands have always been for clear regulation and legislation on the sale of flowers and products containing hemp. No brand or study group having been questioned on this issue, the ban on the sale of flowers without consulting the major players is just another blow to our democracy.

The current economic period being already difficult, prohibiting the sale of a product with relaxing virtues whose state receives the taxes and participates in maintaining the economic activity of the country is difficult to understand. Take part in supporting our approach to challenge this unfair and confusing order for all consumers of this flower.

Today many businesses, several thousand, will find themselves having to close and many entrepreneurs ruined after major investments. After having let many CBD businesses set up in all the cities and provinces of France, banning the sale of flowers without warning or consultation means leaving many unemployed employees and entrepreneurs on the street.

Join us in our fight for the respect of European free trade and to support the CBD businesses in danger of extinction.égalisation-de-la-vente-de-fleurs-de-cbd-en-france?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=custom_url&recruited_by_id=331246b0-6bd3-11ec-bbc5- 4bf231c4b7e2

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