The benefits of CBD and hemp on the skin

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CBD: A care for the skin

Skin problems are on the rise these days.

There are several reasons for this, skin problems can be of genetic, hormonal or drug origin. Some of the most common problems include psoriasis, acne and eczema, among others. These diseases affect people of all ages and from all walks of life. Today CBD Oil explains how CBD can be a very good therapeutic alternative for skin problems.


Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids, CBD Oil CBD cosmetics have the added benefit of preventing inflammation-related irritation. Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of cannabinoids against skin irritations and confirm the promising role of CBD, especially CBD cosmetics, in skin inflammation.

One of the body’s first protective barriers is the epidermis. On a daily basis our skin is put to the test and therefore subject to problems of irritation, inflammation, redness, pimples or small lesions.

CBD Oil CBD cosmetics have soothing properties and are very effective in relieving the skin. CBD cosmetics will relieve certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or acne.

CBD and sebum regulation

In addition to relieving many skin problems, CBD is also very effective in accompanying treatments that aim to correct imbalances of the epidermis but also excess such as lack of sebum.

It can therefore be particularly useful as an alternative to conventional acne treatments and has the advantage of not having side effects. Indeed, cannabinoids allow the reduction of the lipid film of acne-prone skin in addition to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.

Which active ingredients in CBD cosmetics affect skin quality and how?


The advantage of CBD is that it acts naturally on our skin and our body.

Indeed, the ingredients present in our CBD cosmetics such as balm or massage oil come directly from extracts from the hemp plant.

Indeed, we all have an endocannabinoid system with which CBD interacts, which creates an effective impact and acts on skin problems.

But then how does it really work?

CBD is a lipophilic molecule, so it needs a fatty substance to be absorbed by the skin. For example, in CBD Oil infusions and teas, we always recommend combining it with vegetable or animal milk so that the benefits of the molecule can be released.

As for CBD cosmetics such as our balm or our ultra massaging oil, we combine them with hemp, coconut or sweet almond oil. In the case of cosmetics, such as skin creams, CBD is incorporated into a mixture of coconut oil, grape seed oil or even shea butter.

The molecule is coated by the associated fatty substance which, for its part, penetrates without difficulty into the pores of the skin. The fatty substances associated with cannabidiol in finished products are not there by chance, they all have virtues made even more effective by CBD.

What are the forms that can be used for skin problems?

There are multiple ways to consume CBD. But in the particular case of skin problems, CBD Oil strongly advises you to apply our balm, for example, directly to the area concerned by the disorder. Indeed, in local application the CBD molecule allows to be in direct contact with the skin and therefore to reach the endocannabinoid receptor concerned more quickly.

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