What is CBDV?

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the CBDValso known as cannabidivarin Where cannabidivarol, is one of more than 113 phytocannabinoids present in the composition of the cannabis plant.

This compound was discovered in 1969 and has a chemical structure very similar to that of cannabidiol (CBD).

the CBDV is a cannabinoid devoid of psychoactivity, but which can have many therapeutic applications and certain specific medicinal properties, which constitutes the real interest of this substance. One of the elements that differentiates the cannabidivarin from cannabidiol is that CBD, like most cannabinoids, acts on the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

However, the CBDV produces an effect anti-convulsionswhich is activated by mechanisms in which these receptors are not involved, the CBDV also seems to act on TRPV1 receptors, just like the Cannabichromene. This gives it even greater importance in medicine, as it can be very useful in case of pain or of chronic inflammation.

Benefits of CBDV

Like other minority compounds in the cannabis plant, the CBDV has not been studied in depth, but to date some benefits have been discovered

-It slows down and prevents seizures in case epilepsy.

-Inhibits the nauseaso it can be very useful for chemotherapy.

-Reduces pain neuropathic associated with HIV

– Effective as a treatment for spectrum disorders autistic.

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