When CBD interferes with our privacy

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When CBD interferes with our privacy

The benefits of CBD on our sexuality

Cannabis so much to be associated with a plant with so-called virtues aphrodisiacs. What about CBD? According to several studies and testimonies the CBD would help treat the sexual disorders and to make our intimate life more blooming! We explain to you:

CBD fights against sexual disorders.

A statement that may seem logical when we know that CBD heals in a rather revolutionary way anxiety disorders. These same issues: stress, lack of self-confidence can indeed cause complications at the intimate level. A short guide to introducing CBD into your sex life in order to live it to the full.

Stress is one of the first factors of low libido.

Pressure to job, everyday problem, it is sometimes complicated to be happy under the duvet. It can be used in sublingual oil for an effect relaxing throughout the body to reduce stress and anxiety when the time comes. CBD will also help to relax all of the muscles, for example a CBD-based lubricant will have an effect “heat” which relaxes the muscles and will allow a more enjoyable sex if the partner is prone to dryness. Additionally, the heat from the CBD lube will sensitize the area and make the couple more receptive to caresses.

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