When should I consume CBD?

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Many of you are wondering when is the ideal time to consume CBD in order to take advantage of all its benefits. cbdoils tells you more about CBD and how to consume it.

Choose the right moment of consumption according to the CBD product.

Among one of the first criteria to take into account to know the ideal moment to consume CBD, it is the form of the CBD product chosen. CBD flowers, CBD oil or even a CBD vape will not offer you the same quality of absorption. Indeed, when you choose to inhale CBD, these will take effect much faster and thus quickly end up in the blood. On the other hand, their effects will fade more quickly. Unlike absorbing CBD via digestion, the time to take effect will be much longer but will last longer.

A large study carried out in 2018 thus showed that after the administration of CBD orally, the first traces of CBD are detected very quickly in the blood. However, the maximum concentration of cannabinoids in the body is only reached within 3 to 5 hours. If you decide to consume CBD in a dish, a drink or in capsules, finally know that the bioavailability of cannabinoids is greater if you eat foods rich in lipids at the same time. It may therefore be interesting to consume CBD at mealtimes to optimize its effects.

Determine when to consume CBD based on the desired benefits.

There are many factors to consider when determining the best time of day to consume CBD. In addition to having to take into account the desired effects, you also have to look at the impact on your body. If your consumption of CBD gives you an energy boost, it is best for you to consume it in the morning. Unlike if CBD gives you a drowsy effect, it is best to consume it at the end of the day. If you are an anxious person, wishing to manage your stress to sleep better at night, we advise you to consume CBD in the evening. Many consumers prefer to consume CBD at a fixed time so that they can enjoy the relaxing benefits of the molecule. If you consume CBD to relieve chronic pain or alleviate discomfort, the ideal is to always take cannabinoids at a fixed time in order to establish a routine and be sure not to forget.

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