Why use CBD creams and what are they for?

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Why use CBD creams and what are they for?

Since its removal from the WHO list of prohibited substances, cannabidiol has become the star of the beauty section of many well-known media outlets. They value CBD creams for their many cosmetic attributes. But its usefulness goes further, also including the field of health. Let’s see why:

Potential benefits of CBD creams

The benefits for the skin when using CBD creams are closely related to the properties that science considers could be good for other organs of the body. Thus, for example, it is said that they are antioxidants and for this reason, some consider them anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, analgesic and antibacterial.

CBD creams can contribute to anti-inflammatory skin treatment

Many skin diseases are related to inflammatory processes that prevent people who suffer from them from leading a normal life. The treatment, in addition, is usually difficult to bear or is not always so effective.

However, it is estimated that with CBD creams, it is possible to also take advantage of its anti-inflammatory effects for the skin. These derive from the work of this cannabinoid in the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines, as well as in the stimulation of the production of anti-inflammatory proteins, allowing this organ to return to a healthy state.

May help with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation process of the skin and CBD is considered to be beneficial for the different forms in which it develops, such as psoriaris vulgaris and psoriatic arthritis.

Apparently, everything stems from its regulatory capacity of keratinocytes, which are the ones that form the typical scales of this disease.

They can help treat acne

In reality, acne has several causes, including inflammation of the skin caused by bacteria. But as we have said, cannabidiol has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, something that could contribute to the treatment of this skin disease.

CBD oil for skin and CBD creams

They can treat eczema

Eczema or dermatitis can be quite painful for those who suffer from it and one of the causes behind this condition are immune disorders (such as allergies). These can be treated thanks to the work of CBD in the body’s immune response and its anti-inflammatory properties.

For both psoriasis and acne and eczema, we recommend CBD oil for topical use, it first dries the lesions and then stabilizes the skin. This is how cutaneous CBD was used before creams appeared.

CBD creams for pain

CBD creams can relieve pain

This benefit of CBD creams is so notorious that products of this type have already been approved for the treatment of pain in different countries. On the other hand, renowned athletes use them to be able to continue their training routine without problems.

Although science has not yet determined the origin of its analgesic activity, positive effects have been found in chronic pain, neuropathic pain, inflammatory pain, osteoratritis, other arthritis-related diseases, etc.

Creams can help you relax

Although most people consider that to relax it is necessary to consume cannabidiol orally, the truth is that it is not necessarily. Many people use CBD creams for massages that allow them to relieve the stress of everyday life.

And it is not only about the effect on the skin, but in other ways, since the presence of terpenes generates a variety of fragrances that lead people to relax their minds and allow them to improve the quality of rest.

Conclusion: Why should you try CBD creams?

Because in addition to being interesting cosmetics, they could also have important benefits for your health. If you suffer from conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema, cannabidiol could be a good alternative treatment option.


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